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Grand Selskapslokaler, Bergen 2016

Performative installation, one night only.

Scenography, costumes, choreography, props, live DJ set, edible props, gift bags. 

Welcome to the GRAND TOUR. The trip you are ready to embark on is safe, and you will at no point be asked to do anything weird, interact or choose sides in difficult socio political matters. We just want you to have fun. Please choose a face, and take the rabbit with you. Relax, and enjoy. Bon voyage!


The Norwegian artist collective WALK OF SHAME hosted Bergen's great old venue GRAND BERGEN for one night only. Over the course of a few hours, an audience was invited to explore this space lodged in the middle of the city center, yet hidden from everyday life.

This journey took the form of an epic drama, a psychedelic out-of-body-experience, an extravagant culinary adventure, a spectacular mental voyage, an extraordinary happening or simply a night out on the town, drinking with your friends.

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