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Ambience, barflies and dance moves for The Scumbugs. Scenography, costumes, performance

Photo_ Walk of Shame - Scumparty.jpg

THE SCUMBUGS spews out energetic rock & roll so infectious that your legs itch from the first note. Festive, dirty, danceable garage rock - infected by fuzz, organ and raggedy gimmick. In recent years, The Scumbugs have swept garage rock clubs and festivals in Norway, England, Denmark, Spain, Germany and Holland. The Scumbugs have only one thing on the agenda: to fill venues with a collective buzz that rings in your ears long after the nachspiel! All you have to do is show up, give in and get bitten by the bug!


 SCUMBUGS DJ's In addition to band activities, Scumbugs also conducts DJ activities on a very frequent basis. The cream of the crop is delivered in the evening. Rock n Roll from all corners of the world and eras over a low shoe.


DISTRO PunkeBjarte sets up his own distro in the venue where his entire record archive + merch is sold. Art from is also being sold for the occasion


An eventful evening for those on a budget: NOK 150

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