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Saturday May 13th at 18:00, we opened the doors to a radical utopian workspace at NOGOODS, Bergen.

Feel Feelings.jpeg

A soft, mellow, shifting, explosive space. Sit down. Ignore gravity. Absorb. Polymorph. Lick your emotions.


Shimmering curtains, colors changing. Smells of something sickly sweet, ocean breeze and black sail diffusers. Tropical juice punch from the fountain trickling down into sticky cups. Tomato jelly wobbling in the afternoon breeze.

Our first guests peeked through the fringe curtains five minutes after opening time. Families, children. Frogs were moving through the space in different formations. Small faces and hands covered in glittering materials.


Pick an outfit you fancy. Feel free to ignore the personal message attached to the hem by a small paper clip. 


Slowly, the atmosphere is changing, like a tiny replica of the tides of day and night around us. 20:55 marks the moment of the rabbit’s last dance.

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